Aircrete is a material that combines the strength and durability of concrete which is physically lightweight that helps make a home easy and fast to construct.

Aircrete is waterproof and it will not rot or decompose in water. You can have sprinklers fitted on your roof garden and water will not seep through the aircrete waterproof roofs

The low cost associated with construction is the foremost reason to incorporate aircrete instead of concrete. It eliminates aggregate materials like gravel, stones or rocks mixed with cement through a laborious process by the construction workers at the worksite. Prefabricated aircrete products transported to the worksite are then assembled to form the designed structure.

The prefabricated aircrete structures have smooth finishing; it reduces finishing and plastering costs and saves labour charges involved in painting.

Aircrete credited with Euroclass A1 fire safety is the highest fire safety standard. You can build a furnace with it and it will not burn down!

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